Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Going Raw - My Juicing Project

When I tell people I'm changing my diet - the average American assumes it's to shed some pounds, boost my self esteem, or maybe even have bragging rights. I haven't even started my raw diet and I've already suffered much teasing and antagonizing.

Well too bad - I'm going Raw!

Most people don't understand what it means to be Chronically Ill. I've spent the better part of the last four years in doctors offices, researching and reading different books, even trying various life style changes to try healing my body. Those who have yet to suffer from every day pain and disease have yet to reach that absolute low of willing to try anything to make a difference in the day to day life.

So tomorrow morning I'll turn on my Breville Juicer for the first time and try my hand at my new hobby of Juicing. I've decided to follow Joe's 3 day Reboot Plan then start transitioning to a more Vegan Style living. After 60 days I should know if this new lifestyle can help overcome the daily challenges my Chronic Illnesses bring.

Who knows, maybe I'll loose some unwanted pounds along the way!



  1. I really hope that this diet change makes a difference and you start feeling better soon. I hate how people judge others for the choices they make. You can do this!

  2. From Auntie Jen:

    Hey Jess! This looks very interesting and is no small undertaking! I totally understand how it feels to not feel good most of the time and have tried for years to work on feeling better. It is a tough road but when you finally hit upon the right thing it is very rewarding.
    Right now B-Girl and I are seeing a naturopath and she has taken us off all milk and sugar (and we were already off gluten) and it is true that the less sugar you eat, the less you crave it and the more you enjoy real foods. The flavour does come alive in your mouth as your taste buds renew! Eating a rainbow is a really good thought as it helps you balance your meals and make sure that you have a variety of foods - and if you don't see the rainbow on your plate, then there is something missing. "Eat close to the earth" is another good phrase to remember. Whatever is in it's natural form (ie no processed foods) is best to eat.
    Do you have a good book on eating vegan?
    Will be following you! Love Auntie Jen

  3. I'll be following your journey with great interest! Eddy & I have started slowly transitioning toward healthier foods by staying away from processed and making our own - from breads to sweets to eating in instead of out. Keep posting and letting us know how you find this lifestyle change to be helping you. We're walking this same road with you and will learn from your experiences!

  4. I completely understand changing your diet to help with chronic illness. My mother-in-law suffers from chronic illness which has been really hard for her. She recently went on the GAP diet and it has had a great effect on her health. Some people just don't know how to keep their opinions to themselves. :)