Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Nerdy Nursery

At long last, we have completed our Nerdy Nursery and are ready to reveal it to you all.

If you follow my blog you will remember my post Confessions of a Nerdy Girl where I introduce you all to my love for Star Wars. I'm not sure where this love comes from. My mother tells me the first time I watched Star Wars as a kid, I said it was "stupid." Apparently I wasn't very cultured at the time.

Over the last few months we've been collecting pieces of art, working on projects, and implementing a tactful and tasteful Star Wars nursery for our son that arrived only three weeks ago. Being that we live in the city we have a small, one bedroom apartment so baby Roo shares a room with us. This means my husband gets his dream of a Star Wars bedroom... or maybe it was my dream...

Without further to do here is our beautiful Star Wars tribute of a room

Mom and Dad's Corner

Vinyl: Ogvinylgraphics made this custom graphic for us and added it to their store

 Baby Roo's Nerdy Corner

Assorted artwork we collected from Friends, Comic Cons, and Gifts. 
Check out my post HERE to see my adventure trying to hang them!

We Purchased a Pack n Play so we can take it where we need to go. 
Check out THIS post to see how we nerdified it. 

The shelf and felt drawers were purchased from Target.
I up-nerded them myself in THIS post. 

We added in a Build a Bear with a Jedi Outfit and a light saber (that makes noise!!) 
and VOILA! 
We have a nerdy nursery.

Up-Nerded Star Wars Shelf

When doing a Star Wars Nursery, you can't just have a standard, boring shelf. I got my original idea from Addicted to DIY but I don't have a vinyl cutter so I had to made my own idea.

I purchased the shelf and the felt boxes from Target (again - I LOVE Target) and got some felt from our local craft store. I pulled a few Star Wars shapes from the internet that I liked and printed them out on some card stock, so they would be sturdy to work with.

I cut out the stencils then traced each one on the felt to cut out.

I tried to make each one a little 3D to add some pop.

 Here's all four finished!

I used Velcro to fix them to the baskets. This way I can change them later if I would like to. 

 Put all together with the shelf makes for a stunning sight! What I love most about this is what when Eric asks "where is..." I can say, "it's in C3P0" or "In Lord Vader!" This makes our conversations way more exciting.

I added Roo's Star Wars Lunch Box, books, and Teddy Bear to the shelf and makes for a nice nerdy centerpiece to the corner. I like that it's tasteful but not overdone.

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Pack N' Play the Nerdy Way!

We decided on a Pack N Play for Roo because of our limited space. A full crib wouldn't fit in our one bedroom and using the PnP would allow us to have one less piece of baby gear to store. After much research on the subject, we learned they were safe for long-term use and we found one with a built in changing table (even more room we could save!).

The specific PnP we chose has a small mobile running over the top. Originally it had an Owl and a Bear hanging from it but they were quickly clipped off to be replaced with more nerd-friendly subjects.

The search began and ended at Target (have I mentioned I love target?) with their four inch Star Wars plush toys. I think they've discontinued these as I haven't seen them in stock since. I even drove to the next town over to purchase the few my store didn't have.

My mom and I sat down and sewed some Rick Rack onto the toys and sewed them to the mobile. 

I chose rebel-friendly characters to inspire my son to be a good Jedi! Hopefully we'll grow up to be as wise as Master Yoda, as strong as Wookie Chewie, and as cunning as Droid R2D2.

All assembled - just missing some nerdy sheets that are currently being made. I will update my post when they arrive!

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Hanging the Artwork

Shortly after we started assembling our Jedi outfits to join the Rebel Legion, Ra Kura Base, Eric and I discovered we were having a baby. Boy or girl, we knew immediately that we wanted a non-traditional nursery theme.

Once our costumes were approved by the Legion, we headed out on our first troop as Jedi to the Tampa Bay Toy and Comic Con. This is where we found the inspiration pieces for our baby nursery.

Our Nursery Inspiration Pieces

The next piece we acquired was painted by our cousin ART You Glad You Came! 

ART You Glad You Came R2D2 Art

The last set were given to us as a baby gift from our cousins Jason and Melanie.

I then decided how I wanted to line them all up on the wall. I took out the paper liners from each frame and taped them to the wall the way I wanted. This allowed me to measure and nail without making any mistakes. 

I used string to make sure I was lining everything up properly. 

The finished product was better than I could have asked for. I originally wanted a shelf on the wall too for my R2D2 collection, but that will have to be saved for another place. 

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