Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Nerdy Nursery

At long last, we have completed our Nerdy Nursery and are ready to reveal it to you all.

If you follow my blog you will remember my post Confessions of a Nerdy Girl where I introduce you all to my love for Star Wars. I'm not sure where this love comes from. My mother tells me the first time I watched Star Wars as a kid, I said it was "stupid." Apparently I wasn't very cultured at the time.

Over the last few months we've been collecting pieces of art, working on projects, and implementing a tactful and tasteful Star Wars nursery for our son that arrived only three weeks ago. Being that we live in the city we have a small, one bedroom apartment so baby Roo shares a room with us. This means my husband gets his dream of a Star Wars bedroom... or maybe it was my dream...

Without further to do here is our beautiful Star Wars tribute of a room

Mom and Dad's Corner

Vinyl: Ogvinylgraphics made this custom graphic for us and added it to their store

 Baby Roo's Nerdy Corner

Assorted artwork we collected from Friends, Comic Cons, and Gifts. 
Check out my post HERE to see my adventure trying to hang them!

We Purchased a Pack n Play so we can take it where we need to go. 
Check out THIS post to see how we nerdified it. 

The shelf and felt drawers were purchased from Target.
I up-nerded them myself in THIS post. 

We added in a Build a Bear with a Jedi Outfit and a light saber (that makes noise!!) 
and VOILA! 
We have a nerdy nursery.

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