Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pack N' Play the Nerdy Way!

We decided on a Pack N Play for Roo because of our limited space. A full crib wouldn't fit in our one bedroom and using the PnP would allow us to have one less piece of baby gear to store. After much research on the subject, we learned they were safe for long-term use and we found one with a built in changing table (even more room we could save!).

The specific PnP we chose has a small mobile running over the top. Originally it had an Owl and a Bear hanging from it but they were quickly clipped off to be replaced with more nerd-friendly subjects.

The search began and ended at Target (have I mentioned I love target?) with their four inch Star Wars plush toys. I think they've discontinued these as I haven't seen them in stock since. I even drove to the next town over to purchase the few my store didn't have.

My mom and I sat down and sewed some Rick Rack onto the toys and sewed them to the mobile. 

I chose rebel-friendly characters to inspire my son to be a good Jedi! Hopefully we'll grow up to be as wise as Master Yoda, as strong as Wookie Chewie, and as cunning as Droid R2D2.

All assembled - just missing some nerdy sheets that are currently being made. I will update my post when they arrive!

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