Thursday, July 3, 2014

Up-Nerded Star Wars Shelf

When doing a Star Wars Nursery, you can't just have a standard, boring shelf. I got my original idea from Addicted to DIY but I don't have a vinyl cutter so I had to made my own idea.

I purchased the shelf and the felt boxes from Target (again - I LOVE Target) and got some felt from our local craft store. I pulled a few Star Wars shapes from the internet that I liked and printed them out on some card stock, so they would be sturdy to work with.

I cut out the stencils then traced each one on the felt to cut out.

I tried to make each one a little 3D to add some pop.

 Here's all four finished!

I used Velcro to fix them to the baskets. This way I can change them later if I would like to. 

 Put all together with the shelf makes for a stunning sight! What I love most about this is what when Eric asks "where is..." I can say, "it's in C3P0" or "In Lord Vader!" This makes our conversations way more exciting.

I added Roo's Star Wars Lunch Box, books, and Teddy Bear to the shelf and makes for a nice nerdy centerpiece to the corner. I like that it's tasteful but not overdone.

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