Thursday, March 6, 2014

Glucose Poisoning Test!

Well if you're following my blog at all you'll remember in my post "Weights and Measure" I talked about starting the Gestational Diabetes Diet to help regulate my carbohydrate intake and normalize my nutrition levels. So far I have been feeling 10 times better than before; I'm less hungry in between meals, I'm digesting with more ease, and I feel healthier!

I felt like all my hard work was thrown out the window yesterday when I went for my Glucose test.

I'm not really a research kind of person. Some moms-to-be spend every waking moment pouring over material concerning the many aspects of pregnancy and the decisions needing to be made. I am NOT one of these moms. I tend to inform myself on subjects as they come up. So when it came to my glucose test, I was told I needed to get blood drawn one week before my next appointment (the blood work is outsourced to Labcorp). I didn't think anything of this, figured I'd show up, they'd take blood, and I'd be out of there.


You'd think my Midwife would have said something about this taking over an hour to complete, not to mention the poisonous, orange Glucose drink I'd have to chug down at the Lab.

That orange drink is filled with JUNK!

Water (non-carbonated)

D-Glucose (source corn)
Citric acid anhydrous
Sodium benzoate
Orange flavor
Yellow dye #6 Total: 50 g glucose

I read the label and explained to the technician I wasn't comfortable drinking it, I was told I had NO CHOICE! Then the shock came that I would have to sit in the waiting room for an hour before they could draw blood. This is so silly...

Next time I plan on insisting on an alternative such as Cranberry Juice instead of these toxins they forced on me. This Glucose concoction had me shaky all day, caused a stomach ache, and kept me awake late into the night. For a body that is avoiding most of these ingredients it really took it's toll.

So talk to your OBG when they mention the Glucose Test. See if you can take an alternative. Ask if you can drink it at home and not wait for an hour at the lab. It's your body and your time. No one should be dictating to you how things should be done.


  1. This is an important test they have to do to see if you have gestational diabetes. I'm pretty sure there aren't alternative drinks and I know that you can't stay home when you drink it. They need to monitor you during the test. I'm sorry you were blindsided by this test but everyone goes through it.

    And as a heads up, if you fail, you'll have to go back for a 3 hour one and will have to take the drink again.

  2. I did speak to my OBG yesterday about the test and my disappointment in this juice I had to drink. She said if I had to retake it (which thankfully I don't!) I could use an alternative. Maybe it's a USA thing... all I know is I felt sick the rest of the day...

    You are probably correct about having to stay there to be monitored. If you did have diabetes the glucose could set you into diabetic shock perhaps.