Thursday, March 13, 2014

Goodbye - Hello! - Week 27

Today is the last day of my second trimester. Some say the happiest and easiest days of pregnancy are in the later part of the second trimester. It's been very fulfilling to have the extra energy to complete tasks around the house that need doing before Baby Roo gets here.

While reading my through my Mayo Clinic book I learned that Baby Roo can now not only hear us, but he can recognize our voices. We've been having fun trying to get a reaction out of him by lying down on the sofa and talking to him in turn. It's a contest to see who he reacts more to; mom or dad.

I've officially signed up for all of my prenatal classes and the rest of my pregnancy is booked up to the max. Between a trip to NY/Canada in April, classes, visits from family and friends, weddings, conventions, and so much more; we've only got a few open weekends to ourselves. It will all be over before we know it!

It seems the biggest task we have before us is to find a name for the little guy. We've had so many names come through our hearts that we both love, but for two of the most indecisive humans on the planet, choosing the name of a person who will have a full life being called by said name seems like an enormous task. Thankfully neither of us have pushy families who insist on certain traditional names and so on.

Baby Roo takes up about half my midsection now, from the waist to about my diaphragm. His kicks are more localized to the sides of my stomach now so that is a relief! Thankfully the brace I purchased has been doing it's job and helping relieve a lot of pain I was experiencing from the new weight.

So three months to go!

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