Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Beginning of the End - Week 28

Well hello there third trimester; how hard it is to believe you have arrived to quickly!

I remember sitting at the start of my second trimester thinking these nine months were going to be the longest of my life! Well here we are; the beginning of the end.

Unlike any other time in my pregnancy, I feel the urgency to prepare barreling down on me. So many thoughts and doubts are crowding my mind, it's hard to find restful sleep. Or, maybe that's the large belly hanging off of me with a kicking child keeping me awake...

A friend told me this week to enjoy my first pregnancy. These words of wisdom came from her as she held her two year old on her hip and is eight months pregnant. "You'll quickly forget the little one inside you when there's another one tugging your hand for attention" she said. So this week, I've been trying to enjoy each moment; each little kick, each word of advice given, each plan made.

The most resounding thought in my mind is; what have I gotten myself into? Am I prepared for the responsibility of being a mother?

The only desire I've had since a child is to be a wife, a mother and a homemaker. However, as motherhood comes increasingly closer, I start to wonder if maybe I was a little batty to dream up such a horrifying life goal! 

But then I think of his first steps, his first day of school, graduation, marriage... It will all go by in the wink of an eye and Lord-willing he will grow up to be a wonderful husband and father to his own family.

So this week I've been trying to focus on the now; the moments I won't ever experience again. Focusing on preparing the most loving and Godly home for our Son.

I'm thankful for my life... for the journey I've been on. God knows what's next and I'm excited to experience every minute of it.

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