Monday, March 3, 2014

Energize Me - Week 26

This week has brought the most energy I've had in a very long time! It all started with Friday errands, then a birthday party on Saturday, and the beach on Sunday! There's still more to go this week, like my birthday prenatal massage and helping some friends with the apartment they've moved out of.

I know! It's a packed week!!

I thought since it's been a few weeks I would post an updated photo of Baby Roo's size.

The size of a head of lettuce!

Please note the beautiful weather! There's only a few more good days left before summer sets in and it's too hot and humid to be outside. Soon it will be 90 degrees outside with the blazing sun trying to crisp us all like a piece of bacon.

For now I'm enjoying the open windows and the gentle breeze! So thankful I don't have to carry this baby through the entire summer!

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