Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mark it Off the List! - Week 25

Seems like since January we've been going full speed ahead on making room for Baby Roo. We determined early on that we would be better off financially staying in our one bedroom Condo but we would need to make adjustments. So far our "to-do" list has many items crossed off:

- Combine closets
- Sell second computer
- Sell second desk
- Sell old computer chair
- Clear out hall closet
- Sort and donate clothing
- Set up Stroller/Car Seat

There's still many more things to get done, but the progress has been taking it's toll. I don't know if it's because the coming of our son still feels surreal or if I simply can't handle change but I'm exhausted making decisions about Diapers, Birth Plans, which Immunizations to choose, and so on.

My diet is going well. I have blood work coming up in week 26 so I'm trying to make sure all the levels will be positive. Eric's been so supportive and eating healthier along with me. You can't think of a diet as "just for me" and make meals separate for your family. I just cook what I can eat for all of us and Eric just has to deal (although he doesn't mind it at all).

Baby Roo's kicks are getting stronger every day, although not as frequent. I think he's running out of space in there to move around. This just means when he kicks, I REALLY feel it! Eric says he's going to come out with a six pack he's been so active in there! (Is it really bad of me to want me son to be handsome and toned throughout his life?)

Well that's week 25. Time to go cross more items off my list!

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