Friday, April 26, 2013

Juicing Day 2 - Who Wants to do Shots?

I woke up today with much more enthusiasm than I went to bed with. When we finally made it to bed, I had convinced myself juicing was not the way for me. I had lost all motivation and excitement about the project - sound familiar?

When the alarm went off, I somehow had found a new hunger to continue my journey. So today I tried a few new tricks from the lessons I learned yesterday. First lesson was:


It tastes gross, looks gross, even smells gross. Adding the Kale to my Mean Green lunch shake didn't help it's appeal at all. So instead, today I juiced my eight leaves of Kale and drank it like a shot! Lets just say my tummy wasn't too pleased with me - but the vitamins were in and I didn't have to think about the Super Food for a while.

The second lesson was when you let juice mixes sit for a while, they start to... ferment? Is that the word I want? I think it mostly happens when using a citrus fruit in the mix, for example if you're adding a lemon or lime into the mix. So today instead of juicing my lunch, I took it all in a salad. I still ate all the same veggies, only I didn't feel so empty and they didn't end up in a gross concoction that sat in the fridge all morning while I worked.

The Third and last lesson I learned from yesterday is DON'T BE A SIPPER. Sipping your juices causes them to get warm and draw out. I thought I would enjoy sipping on a nice cup of carrot juice all morning, but instead it turned into a weird... something or other - I haven't found the word for it yet. Today I juiced Breakfast with some Apples, Carrots, and a Lemon and drank it all at once.

The Bright Color of Red Cabbage!

Dinner is the hardest, especially with having to cook for Eric. Although today he had his tooth pulled out, so maybe he'll try some of MY dinner.

As North Americans, our lives are so centered around our food, even our homes are; everything is centered around the kitchen! Not being "allowed to eat" is really opening my eyes about all the terrible things I have been subjecting my body to over the last several years.

Does this mean I'll be vegan for life? No. I enjoy my meats and milk and mayo! But right now I need to help my body heal and renew its strength.

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  1. Hooray! I'm glad that day 2 went better and that you got your motivation back. Keep it up!