Thursday, April 25, 2013

Juicing Day 1 - Motivate Me

I think motivation always come easy the first day of any new challenge. We're excited and eager to meet our goals and make plans about how we'll reach those goals. Today is no exception.

I woke up early, excited to try out my new Breville Juicer, Shredding all the veggies I bought at the Garden of Eaton Market last night. Today's goals are simply to realign my taste buds! Drinking Kale is the worst thing on the planet - not going to lie!

As I started shredding assorted fruits and vegetables through my juicer, there were three things that I noticed most about it; The Smells, the Colors, and the Mess!

Like fresh baked bread smells good to the soul, the smell of fresh vegetables just invigorates me for some reason; like my body knows it's about to get a large infusion of fresh-goodness! The most vivid color of the day had to be the red cabbage with it's DARK purple juice. With each new veggie came a bright new color that could only mean one thing; Healthy!

I wasn't surprised about the mess really, rather I was anticipating more of it. The juicer we chose is a compact version, for our small, galley-style kitchen so there is no external "bucket" for the pulp. It is all collected at the top of the machine around the centrifugal shredder so doesn't make for easy extraction when I wanted to run the pulp through twice.

I think my favorite part is how easy the entire machine is to clean. I simply took the top off the entire machine and was able to wash the entire contents down our garbage disposal. The more familiar I become with the juicing project, the more I'll take the time to find uses for the pulp such as breads and so forth.

I packed up my lunch and a snack juice and headed for work.

I made it through breakfast just fine with a mix of Carrots, Oranges, and Cabbage. By mid morning I started to feel the hunger pains. Juice goes through the body more quickly, leaving the stomach empty and hungry. When I sat down for lunch and pulled out my mix of Kale, Apples, Celery, and Cucumber I took a sip and knew I would never make it through the whole glass. I think I would rather starve than finish the entire thing.

Suddenly my motivation from the morning was completely gone. My mind started running through alternative methods of trying this changes, bargaining with myself, and looking for any way to cheat the system. Take a way a girl's food and you'll reveal her true self!

I swapped my lunch for my snack drink (Watermelon, Lime, and Basil leaves) and decided next time I'll just take the Kale in a quick shot instead of mixing it into the entire glass.

By nightfall I was so hungry, tired, and had such a massive headache, I decided the fast wasn't work the pain it was putting me through. For dinner I had some apple and that was it. I was too depressed about this project I had taken on to eat anything else. I went to bed hungry and undetermined to continue the fast. There must be a better way to get healthy!

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  1. Oh hon, I'm so sorry that you had such a hard discouraging first day. Sending you some hugs.