Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Motivation Tuesday - The Purge

Today was Motivation Tuesday! This is usually the day of the week that I get the most things done...

Today I decided it was time to tackle the closets. I love our condo here in Florida, but there simply is NO storage. We have two closets in the bedroom and one in the hall to store all our belongings!

Thank goodness it's Florida, I wouldn't know what to do with any Winter Clothing Storage.

Every time we open a closet it feels like something is falling out. Since I haven't opened the storage totes in over six months, I figured most of the clothes in there could go. I soon found myself in a mountain of belongings; stuck in my room until the damage was repaired.

Three piles started; Keep, Throw, and Donate. I walked out with almost two bags of trash, four bags of mics donation items, and vacuum sealed bags of clothes stored in my totes. My biggest accomplishment of the day was getting my roller duffel bag to reside in the top tote so now I have more room in my side of the closet!

I still need to take an "after" picture which I hope will not include the two bags of pillow fluff stored in the closet awaiting a pillow repair from a Stella disaster earlier this year. Fingers crossed the sewing machine part will be on it's way soon!

So that was my Motivation Tuesday - I must say I feel well accomplished.

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