Friday, October 18, 2013

Replacing the Lost

Several months ago our, now re-homed, puppy loved to ramp and rage around the house. One of the downfalls of this child-like amount of energy is things were often broken.

One of my favorite items that was broken was a Willow Tree figurine called "together." It was a wedding gift we received when married in the Adirondacks in 2011.

As you can see - it could not be saved

Today I was so excited to have my new one delivered!

Since I was a child I have loved these figurines. There are so many of them to spotlight so many special moments. The first I ever got was from my father "Beautiful Wishes" - a girl holding Calla Lilies. The second was our cake topper at our wedding "Promise." We also have the small nativity set called "The Holy Family." I love my collection and I hope to be able to add more to it over the years.

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