Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Dramatic Entrance - Roo's Arrival

Our son has arrived... And what a whirlwind! 
At 3:30pm on Sunday I had the dramatic breaking of the water. We had all been out at the pool, and I was sitting in my lazy chair when suddenly I experienced "the gush!" I honestly wasn't certain if it was my water, but looking back I simply didn't want to get my hopes up when in reality I knew what was going on.
Only one slight problem... I hadn't had a single contraction. 

We called my aunt, who is a nurse, and sought her advice. She said to grab a snack and head to the hospital if contractions hadn't started within two hours. So I grabbed a yogurt and a banana and we took our time getting last minute items together and taking a few silly pictures... Just in case this was it! 

Funny because I had no pain at all!

5:30om: We headed out. Upon arrival at the hospital at 5:45pm they ran us through triage for about five minutes. Once she determined it WAS my water that was dripping all over the floor as we traveled from room to room they had us in a delivery room and hooked up to monitors by 6:00pm. The midwife quickly arrived and started to explain I was only 1cm dilated with no contractions, they would have to induce. The induction would be a 12-48 hour process... My heart just dropped.

Triage Room
6:30pm: Suspicious about the baby's position, the midwife brought in the sonogram machine and we got to see little Roo again, for the first time since week 18 of pregnancy. After a moment she stopped the picture and turned to me... He was breached (head up and in the wrong direction.) Now, natural birth was no longer an option. Because of the broken water and lack of fluid they could not turn the baby to the proper position and delivering breach was a huge risk to us both. 

The moment we discovered Roo was Breach

6:40pm: The midwife then explained the only option was a c section done as soon as possible. By now it was about 6pm and they were talking about a midnight delivery due to the 4:30 snack I had eaten. We settled into signing all the documents, having my blood tested, answering a billion questions, and calling close family to let them in on the imminent arrival. 

7:30pm: We met with the anesthesiologists and midwives and nurses; we were then informed the surgery was moved up and we would be taken in within the hour. I think God allowed the whole process to speed up so I couldn't have time to panic. We simply had to follow the instructions of the physicians around us.

Gowned up and ready for the OR
9:35pm: I was bent over an OR table receiving my much needed spinal block. I remember the pinch then suddenly a man wrapped me up in his arms and laid me out flat on the table. This is when I started to panic; as my legs went numb and arms were restrained for medical purposes. The separator went up and the anesthesiologist drew some waves on it for me; said it looked like an ocean... I'm pretty sure they gave me something for my anxiety..

9:50pm: They brought Eric in right as they were starting and after lots of tugging and pulling we heard Roo's first cry at 9:59pm. The entire process was only a few minutes from the time I was numbed from the ribs down to the arrival of our son. The nurses took him over to a table and Eric joined them for some immediate vital checks and whatnot.

Soon Eric returned with Roo in his hands and the nurse shot a few "first" family photos!

Once the procedure was done I went to recovery where I fed Roo for the first time and we got all his footprints and such done. Here we spent two hours before going up to our tiny cramped room. Nanny, Eric and I all got to hold Roo and take in everything; Nanny has some funny videos of me as I was on quite the medication!

Nanny Holding Roo for the first time

Mommy holding Roo for the first time

I could go on and on with all the details but I'll try and sum up the next three days of recovery for you.

The first night - I hardly remember other than the cramped room and being bothered every hour by nurses.

I told you it was cramped!

Day one - Roo had his ears tested and we were both watched around the clock. Mostly we cuddled and snuggled and tried to learn how to feed. We were upgraded to a MUCH larger room as Eric is on staff with the hospital. They apologized profusely for putting us in a small one.

Daddy learning the art of Diaper Changing - He is great at it

Day two - Gramps arrived all the way from New York. Roo also met his cousin and uncle (my brother Jeremy and his daughter) via Skype. Lots more cuddles as Roo wouldn't sleep without me. Mom brought Donuts!

Roo meeting Gramps!

Day three - I had been up all night with baby. The pediatric nurse even spent an hour in the wee hours of the night trying to calm Roo, to no avail. Skin to Skin was the only solace for our little man. I was more mobile and we were discharged that morning after some final vitals and checks.

Daddy with all the luggage to go home!

So many tears, so many moments of joy, and so little sleep later we were home with our boy. I'm so thankful for a healthy, happy son and a supportive, loving family. Now it's time to recover and, somehow, figure out this entire "mom" thing.

Home Sweet Home with our Plus One

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  1. Beautiful Jess, praise God for a healthy baby and safe delivery! Welcome to motherhood, the most challenging and rewarding part of your life has begun!