Thursday, June 5, 2014

When the Clock Strikes Midnight - Week 39

Week 39 has come to a close, and come the strike of midnight, I will be officially full term with our first child.

It's amazing how in life we start a new journey and think to ourselves "this is going to be the longest nine months of my life!" But then, somehow, we arrive at the end and wonder where the time has gone. I know there are many more milestones ahead, and I look forward to them all. However, at this present moment, I'd just like this baby to come out!

The entire pregnancy has gone much more smoothly than I had anticipated at the start. When we decided we would begin trying for our first child, I spent a lot of my time researching what pregnancy would be like for someone with my health conditions. My largest concern was spending nine plus months off my seizure medication and what that would do for my migraines and episodes.

Once through the first trimester things went more effortlessly, but not after nightly "morning sickness" and adjusting back to un-medicated life. Thankfully, the migraines and other symptoms did not return until the start of my third trimester. I think God has a way of telling our bodies to put every illness aside while creating a human. At least that's how it felt for me. Suddenly I was able to drive at night, drink milk again, sleep a whole night through, and not suffer from daily headaches!

The second trimester was packed with loads of energy. I was surprised how much I could accomplish working 40ish hours a week and caring for our household. We still went to Star Wars Troop events and made time for all the friends we knew we wouldn't see much of come third trimester and Roo's birth. Cooking my way through eMeals and planning Nerdy Nursery ideas, the second trimester flew by before I knew it.

The third was much better than I anticipated! I read a lot about fatigue, cankles, sore bodies, lack of sleep, and so much more; not to mention all the dozens of people who felt it necessary to tell how miserable pregnancy and parenthood is. I felt like I was judging some "who's pregnancy story is the worst" contest! Maybe one day I'll write a rant about how people are so negative on pregnancy and parenthood, but for now I will spare you all. Just note moms, if you're talking to a preggers, tell her the good and happy things. She needs the encouragement and help to overcome her fears, not more pressure or anxiety to ruin her special time growing a human.

I didn't feel much sickness, like I was told I would, until this past week. Sunday hit me like a rock and since I've been nauseous, tired, have a headache, and all around uncomfortable. I'm thankful for the presence of my husband and my mother as I don't think I could have kept Eric fed much less the house in order. However with their help and teamwork we've been able to accomplish everything on our last minute list.

This week the hospital bags went into the car - this includes my favorite new purse/diaper bag that Eric spoiled me with. I'm so in love with the colors and I think it's the first time I've spent more than 5$ on a purse...

Bags packed and out to the car - Love my new Skip Hop Bag!

We also worked on several nerdy projects to complete the nursery. Don't worry - I'll do a big reveal shortly! Just have to finish one last project.

You'll have to wait and see!
Our evenings around the house have been restless as Eric, mom and I simply wait... It's hard to just sit and wait for something to happen, especially when you know it's soon but don't know when. Oh and lets add into the mix my complete dread and anxiety for labor... We've been trying to fill our time with trips to Target or boring shows we find to stream. But in reality, nothing has helped; except maybe the Ben and Jerry's we had tonight.

So tomorrow's the day, June sixth. Our son is "supposed" to arrive but he's on his own little schedule. Lets hope I'm in the 93 percentile of women who go into natural labor before 41 weeks... but knowing my luck that won't happen.

Okay little man, we've prepared, we've waited... now it's time for you to show up! I love you Roo and can't wait to hold you in my arms...

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