Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anxiously Awaiting Thee - Week 38

Only one more week to go, we hope. Baby Roo still hasn't made an appearance yet and now we are headed into week 39! For some reason my mind had me convinced he was going to arrive early - after all three of the five other women due the same week as me have had their babies already; I'm feeling a little behind!

Roo seems quite content where he is. He seems to be pretty chill and happy right where he is. His kicks aren't painful, he just likes to roll around inside. Mom and I spend time in the pool each day now to exercise but also so I can lay belly down for a while, trying to get him to rotate nose-down. I must say, the moment I dip into the pool it's instant relief from pressure on all my joints and muscles. However getting out with the extra weight of the water is always a challenge.

I've discovered a bit of a problem too; Only my front side is getting tan! This is due to the fact that I cannot lay on my tummy in the sun... I keep joking that once the baby is here I'll have to lay tummy down for a week to catch up with my front.

This week my cousin Andrew came to visit from Canada. I hadn't seen him in over five years before the weekend we went to my brother's wedding. Andrew seemed to have a blast while he was here and it was nice having someone around to keep Eric company since my mom and I have been outnumbering him. The guys were able to go to Buch Gardens, they hung out at the mall, and just all around had a great time being nerdy together.

Oh and our car seat is in! Thanks Eric - now Roo might realize it's perfect timing to come!

Mostly I've just been trying to enjoy my week and not let my anxiousness take over. I have a lot of fears about delivery and the arrival of our son (who doesn't). Every little move I feel I'm trying to soak in. Soon I'll be able to hold our little one and care for him, but I know I will miss feeling him growing in me.

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