Thursday, May 1, 2014

Educating the Masses - Week 34

We have settled back in at home, although after a week of visiting family in Canada and New York I must say I remember why we moved to Florida in the first place!

Traveling Home with Roo
This week was full of education! We took a total of three classes at the hospital to help prepare us for baby Roo... or so they say...

Class One: a tour of the Labor/Delivery unit, and Postpartum floor. This that stuck out to me on this tour was how well secure the area was. I hadn't thought about the possibility of baby swapping or kidnapping until mentioned on this tour, but the forever presence of security, wrist banding, and bag searches helped me feel more confident in this security.

I was also amazed at the size difference between the delivery rooms and the recovery rooms. The former is a giant, hard wood-floor room overlooking the bay; spacious, private, and beautiful. Then the recovery room barely has room for a preggers to walk around the bed much less fit a husband and baby in there too! I hope my stay is a short as possible. t

Class Two: Newborn Care. Here we to return to our childhood and play with dolls. Although instead of dressing them up and playing house we learned how to deal with exploding diapers and cleaning their little noses. Things that stuck out in this class were very few. I've had a lot of newborn care in my lifetime of babysitting. However I was shocked by the graphic depiction of a full circumcision... I will forever be scarred for my little man...

Class Three: Breastfeeding. I'm so happy Eric stayed home for this one. Most of what i remember of this class was trying to hide my red face as video after video of topless women nursed their children or hand expressed colostrum appeared. I'm all for the public breastfeeding movement but come on lady, wear a cover or something! I would have much preferred graphics or diagrams over sitting in a mixed company room trying to disguise my embarrassment.

I do plan on breastfeeding my little Roo for the many health benefits it will give him, but we will have to see how I handle being off my medication for that long of a period as I cannot feed him and return to my medication.

So that was our education. Roo is growing, I can feel him moving around much less but when he does they're strong movements of him turning or stretching. No visit from Braxton ... yet...

Oh and here's a little gift Grampa sent home for Roo - although he might not fit in it until much later. This little man is going to be one spoiled grandchild! (PS Grandpa lives in ADK... thus the logo.)

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