Thursday, May 8, 2014

May the 4th be With You - Week 35

This week we got to geek out a little more with baby Roo!

With the arrival of May 4th comes the outrageous need to make our lives all about Star Wars... why you say? Well, I can't explain it, but May the 4th be with you...

Saturday, I got to put my feet to the test and help handle a Star Wars event at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. When we arrived and I said I was handling I got a few funny looks as they shifted their eyes from my face to my belly and back... most likely thinking "this woman's crazy - she so preggo!" I loved proving them wrong!

We had a blast walking around seeing kids eyes light up! I was responsible to make sure no one got tackled or any children got trampled\ and I think we were successful. Roo had fun bouncing around inside. It was nice to know I still have the energy for this sort of thing. There aren't going to be any more Star Wars events for me until this little man arrives.

You can half-see Eric in the back hiding

Sunday was May the 4th so we headed out to our Cousins to geek out with Star Wars board games, one of the movies, and "saber dogs" (AKA hot dogs). It was a relaxing way to celebrate our love of the Star Wars universe but not have to lug around costumes and props.

Our cousins also gave us our baby gift! For days Jason has been telling me he's so excited to give it to us, so I wasn't sure what to expect as Jason doesn't get excited over little things. Once we got in the house the kids were all telling us we had to open our gift and that they were excited to see our reaction. Finally after saying our hellos and settling in we got to unwrap said "amazing gift."

oh and it was amazing! Two new prints to add to our baby room collection!

I absolutely LOVE the Yoda one (I know... I'm betraying my love for R2D2) and the saying "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." So true master Yoda, so true!

Now our collection is not only bigger but also complete! We will be adding in the first letter of Roo's name to the collage and hang it all over his crib. If you are wondering, most of these were purchased at Con's we've visited. BUT the painted, single R2D2 was done by our Cousin Vicki to help her paint something out of her comfort zone - she nailed it!

So now I'm getting nesting fever; I can't wait to have Roo's bed and corner set up so I can get these all installed on the walls!!

May the 4th be with you all, and don't forget to have a little nerdy moment in honor of this great holiday; Star Wars Day.


  1. Fun! ...May I ask, why do you call him Roo? Did I miss something?

    PS- I like the Yoda poster, too!

    1. Dara we call him Roo as his nickname - like Kenga and Roo from Whinnie the Pooh. It's a nickname I was given as a kid (and still is used by my mother) that we've passed on to our son. I much prefer using his nickname over his given name on my public blog.