Thursday, May 15, 2014

The End is Nigh - Week 36

Only one week away from full term! Wow that's pretty scary to think of. I feel like the last eight months have just gone by so quickly; it's interesting how it feels that way, yet at the start it felt like this pregnancy was going to last forever!

I kicked my 36th week off with my traditional., once a year, peach shake from Chick Fil A (yes be jealous). This shake, if you don't know, is seasonal like the McDonalds Shamrock Shake so when I get to have one - I'm a happy camper!

After my shake - we had to walk it off so we went on down to Bayshore Boulevard, only a few minutes from our home. Bayshore is a waterfront road whose sidewalk claims to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world at 4.5 miles (7.2 km) long.

 We love to walk here and enjoy the sunsets. This trip marked the first time in a long while since we've brought Baby Roo; we had to memorialize it!

Mom and dad showed up this Friday. We got to spend the weekend with them and it was truly wonderful. Sometimes, although I live in this paradise we call Florida, I forget how to relax and enjoy the sunshine. With my folks here, by 11am they want to be out by the pool enjoying the sunshine; I don't blame them after the winter they've had in NY.

We enjoyed the summer's first grill out

Mother's day

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes for Mother's Day

Mom's sad rose from the church for Mother's Day

 and BOGO Ben & Jerry's!


In other, baby news! We were able to get our first set of diapers this week. As Eric works at the hospital we get a discount on diapers through their Sterile Processing Department. What a blessing this is as we were prepared to do cloth diapers to save on the cost. However with the deal we get from the Hospital, using paper diapers is way cheaper than purchasing cloth diapers (imagine that)!

 Approximate cost through his employer is about 5 cents per newborn and 7 cents per size 1 diaper... can't beat that price! Amazon Mom estimates the total value at $114.24 and we paid $25.

Oh and I got my free Breast pump, thanks to the affordable care act! Not planning on using it, but you never know!

So I think that wraps up week 36. Next is full term - strange to think this little guy could come at any time, or stay in there for another month... (PLEASE Come early little guy!). Mom will be back tomorrow and stay through until Roo is born.

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