Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some Assembly Required

I'm sorry if my blog is starting to be about nothing but baby - but I suppose that's what happens when you're two weeks away from your due date and the baby is taking over your house!

After the baby shower, items began to pile in our home that, lets just say, require some assembly. I'm thankful that my hubby is here to help complete some of these projects! I thought I would share with you some of the new furniture that has joined our home.

First was the blessing of a rocking Chair so I can feed our little man in comfort. The assembly only took about an hour for my amazing husband!

Next we had to assemble the shelf for the baby nook, I enlisted the help of our friend Josh in exchange for a home-cooked meal (he didn't know this was exchange... we sort of ambushed him when he arrived!

The boys wanted to know why it was a maid and not a butler... a butler can do things just as well

Eric read the instructions and Josh assembled... how is this far?

A beautiful work of art!

Finally we had the crib to decide on. Because of the small nature of our apartment (A one bedroom in downtown Tampa) we decided the most logical solution for Roo would be to use a Pack and Play instead of a normal crib.

This would allow for one less piece of furniture to store, a smaller bed in total dimension, and a two in one changing table! Fortunately this item did not require much assembly; although stay tuned for a Star Wars makeover!

Mom thought it would be cute to set up Roo's new Teddy Bear in the crib like it was baby Roo... made for a good caption moment.

So far that's all I've got! We still have a cabinet to assemble then I believe we're done. Stick around though, I'll be posting about the baby nook transformation soon!

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