Monday, March 18, 2013

Joey's Revamped Roast

My dear friend Joey gave us the great recipe idea for a roast to try. I adapted it for to work in my crock pot but then I loved the flavors so much I started using it for all sorts of things!

Here is the Stew "stewing" at home while I work hard at the office

Joey's Revamped Roast

Meat - any kind of meat you like. I use steaks, stew meat, shoulder roast... take your pick!
3-4 Red Roasted Potatoes, Cubed
1c Carrots, sliced (I use frozen for practicality reasons)
1 pkg Ranch Dressing Mix
1 pkg Italian Dressing Mix
1 pkg Brown Gravy Mix
1 Cup cold water

Place the meat on the bottom of the crock pot

Layer the Carrots and Potatoes on top

Mix the Ranch, Italian, and Brown Gravy Packages together in the Cup of water and pour all over 

Let the entire thing cook on low for 8 hours and your house will not only smell magnificent when you come home, but dinner will be ready to roll. 

Thanks Joey for this fantastic recipe, it is a staple in our home. 

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