Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Ambassador of New Life - Week 11

I think for most newly-pregnant women, it takes time for the reality to set in.

So far. my pregnancy has been unlike how others describe it. My morning sickness is actually quite the opposite and I begin to get extremely nauseous around 7pm at night. As you can imagine this isn't ideal when Eric is gone all day. I do my best to be as productive during the day so that night time I can slip into bed early and sleep off the sickness.

I've learned that nausea has a nasty side to it during pregnancy. I find if I let myself become even a little bit hungry the nausea increases dramatically until I can find a cracker or two to eat... This has cause me to change my eating habits to six small meals a day instead of three large ones.

Bodily changes do accompany pregnancy but there really isn't much to show for being pregnant. I find myself wondering at times if it's all just in my head, especially since we haven't had an ultrasound yet.

I think pregnancy started to feel more real for me when we went to the OB today and heard a little special something for the first time.

I had planned to record the moment for my family, since they're all so far away, many of them have asked us to document as much as we can so they can somewhat take part in it all. Unfortunately my OB didn't get the message. Near the end of our week 11 appointment she whipped out a hand-held device and started prodding around my belly with it.

And then we heard it... faint at first, but strong and fast.

My OB looked at Eric with a smile, "Is that a boy or girl heartbeat?"

I know in that moment my heart just melted. Eric and I exchanged the most meaningful look of our entire marriage as this pregnancy suddenly became real to us both. And for the record, we both think it's a boy!

Pregnancy can feel like a long time, but I'm trying to remain in the present and just enjoy the moments I have growing a new life inside of me.

How blessed am I that God chose me to be the ambassador of new life? 

Well until next time :)

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