Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Growing by Two Feet

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged on our lives here in Tampa. The reason is simple: I couldn't spill the beans!

Eric and I are now proud to announce that our little family is growing by the size of two little feet!

Photo Credit to Joe Carlyle

The Story

October ninth I took the test and the stick was Positive! I spent the afternoon fussing over how I would tell my husband who was faithfully at work.

The same day I received a job offer so I tricked Eric into taking us out for dinner to celebrate the "job."

After being seated and ordering our dinner, I ran out to the car and grabbed the box I had prepared for Eric. Inside I packed the positive test and the two Jeffrey Brown's Star Wars kids books "Darth Vader and Son" and "Vader's Little Princess." (We are Star Wars buffs, just so you know!)

Seeing Eric's face was the most priceless moment of my life when he lifted up the books and saw the word "preggo" written on the test! The people in the restaurant were looking at us strange while we celebrated and took a picture together; but our joy overcame it all.

Our waitress was so sweet and when she found out about our news, she came out with a complimentary dessert to help our celebration along! We are so blessed. 

We've had such a wonderful time telling family and close friends and now we're so excited to include you in our news! We ask that you join us in our journey through prayer that our little one would grow strong and healthy; that there would be no complications throughout the pregnancy.

The Details

I am about 10 weeks along with a due date of June 6th! My family was overwhelmed with joy but all teased that we would be adding to the MANY June Birthdays in our family. We look forward to the first picture of our little one in a few weeks at our first ultrasound.

For now I will just be happy when the first trimester is over and I can get past all this nausea!

The Future 

I'm so excited about being a mommy and look forward to so many firsts ahead of us; first ultrasound, first kicks, and more!

To follow our baby story please follow my blog for updates and new stories! Being on a budget this baby will bring on many DYI projects and new, healthier recipes. I can't wait to share them with you all!

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  1. I was wondering how you shared the news with Eric! What a creative and exciting way to do it :)