Monday, January 13, 2014

Guns or Glittler? - Week 19

Well the time has come! On Monday we had our first ultrasound with Baby Roo and it was such a blessing to see the movement of the baby and their little feet!!

I immediately went into planning mode - we needed to plan our Gender Reveal Party and Fast!

Sunday afternoon many of our friends gathered with us to find out if Roo was a boy or girl. We had pink and blue decorations all over with plenty of food to go around.

I had painted a box with the word "VOTE" on it. Our guests could write down their Gender Vote and a name suggestion to tape to the box for their vote.

We had many of our out-of-town family and friends log into a website to watch the live stream of our reveal. They were all able to vote as well and had a chat room on the side for questions. This was such a blessing as we had about 23 people logged in to enjoy in our celebration.

A friend had filled our box with pink or blue balloons (She had the envelope with the gender of the baby so she could get the correct color). The time came for us to open the box as all our friends gathered in our small living room (18 of them, including children).

We pulled back the tape and balloons came flying out and guess what color they were...


So we're having a little boy... and we couldn't be more excited. Eric and I both agree and a big brother is the best thing any family can have. We still haven't decided on a name but I think we will keep it secret until the arrival of our son.

I must, say I sure am happy I can say "he" now instead of "it" or "their" or "he/she."

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