Monday, January 6, 2014

The Most Wonderful Sight of the Year

Today we got to finally see baby Roo!

We headed to the hospital and got set up in the ultrasound room. We asked the Tech to keep the gender a secret for us so we could do a gender reveal with friends and family.

The ultrasound was the most... emotional part of this pregnancy so far. Baby Roo was all curled up in a ball grabbing at their feet, then suddenly they would kick straight out to almost a standing position. It was so very amazing to watch our little one move around.

Eric and I shared many special looks as we watched our little one move around and show off for us all to see. Rachel was a fantastic Ultrasound Tech and smoothly walked us through the hour long appointment. She explained different aspects of the pregnancy that we didn't understand. She would even jab my belly when the baby wouldn't move around enough. We are so thankful we were blessed with Rachel.

He/She was very stubborn and wouldn't show their face for the profile picture... So we have an upside down, curled up baby for our first picture but it's a precious memory of Baby's stubbornness. The following was my favorite Facebook comment

We will probably not see Baby Roo again until the birth. That's something to look forward to, although I love seeing our little one. This Sunday we will be having our Gender Reveal party and will be streaming the reveal online for family and friends to see.

For now, we will cherish this sight of our little one

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