Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pregnant or Fat? - Week 18

Week 18 has started... oh me oh my...

I can't believe how much my tummy has started to pop out. In the two weeks that I was in NY and Canada visiting family, my little Roo has started to make their first appearance. Unfortunately I'm at that stage where people aren't sure if I'm pregnant or just fat...

Everyone keeps saying I should start feeling little pokes and prods from baby - but everything I feel just turns into gas... T.M.I.?

My Mayo Clinic books saying the baby should begin to develop the bones in their ears this week. They should start being able to hear our voices and respond. When I told Eric this his response was "So I've been talking to it all this time for no reason?" He's gonna make a great daddy... I just know it.

A lot of congratulations have been shared and I now have a massive box packed to the top with baby gifts. Our family has been such a blessing with their generosity. Eric's parents Jeff and Siggi gave us a huge basket full of items I wouldn't have thought of but will desperately need once baby comes (baby lotion, soap, formula, toys, clothes, an much more). We've received clothes and toys and books for baby Roo, we can't even begin to express our thankfulness.

Monday we will have our first ultrasound and, Lord willing, will know the gender of our first child. We've already decided on baby names for both boy and girl, but they're staying secret for now.

Our new apartment search is in full swing and we hope to be in a 2 bedroom by April so we can set up the nursery and have room for all the new things in our life before the baby arrives.

I suppose that's all for now. Over the next few weeks things will be changing dramatically I am sure... Here's to growing a life inside of you!

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