Friday, January 24, 2014

Stranger Danger - week 21

It's strange to think that I am now in the second half of my pregnancy. It still feels so new to me. Along with the second half of pregnancy come certain... Benefits...  

I ACTUALLY look pregnant! 

Thanks to the blessing of some friends, I now have some maternity clothes on loan that help me look pregnant rather than fat. A new co worker highlighted my morning by asking if I had swallowed a watermelon seed or was having a baby! (She was thrilled to hear it was a baby and not a random fruit growing inside me) 

They say in week 21 your baby's digestive system starts to work on its own. My first reaction to this news was to google if my baby is pooping inside me... I was relieved to find he is not. 

Also I can add new maternity symptoms to my list. This week we add the continuation of fetal movement, flatulence, and varicose veins... Hoping not all of these happen to me! 

One great thing is that I now know when baby Roo is kicking. Prior to this week, it was easy to mistake with my digestive system and gas. Now I know when I lie on my tummy (somewhat lopsided) I can feel him protesting. When I lie down in general is when he moves the most.  It's not really annoying yet, more of a great miracle feeling. I look forward to when Eric can feel him too with his hand on my tummy..

Today also marks my first awkward encounter. I had a random gentleman I had been interacting with previously suddenly ask, "where are you having the baby?" It took me a moment to realize I did hear him right. Since we had already been in discussion I debated joking with him that he was lucky I was really preggo and not just fat... But instead I just answered we were going to TGH. In the end the gentleman was an employee of TGH in the maternity ward. This made his comment a little less creepy haha. 

Bending down is now optional. If I drop something I don't need I might just leave it there till A: enough things drop in its vicinity to make it worth the trip, or B: leave it for Eric to pick up... I'm not too sure he's happy with this new venture of mine, but what are you gonna do?

So bring on week 21... I hope to snap a picture tonight of the belly for all to see. 

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