Sunday, April 6, 2014

Avenger Me!

Our friends David and Amanda are hosting an Avengers party today in honor of the new Captain America movie coming out. The day consists of an Avengers movie marathon then a viewing of the new movie this evening.

They asked that we bring "superhero" themed snacks - Challenge accepted!

I started checking out Pinterest but every snack idea that came up in searches were for DC superheroes and NO AVENGERS! WHAT? So I came up with my own ideas

Here what I came up with!

Hulk Jello Cups

Hulk Jello Cups

I drew the Hulk on each cup and filled them with green Jello!

Hulk Jello Cups

Thor's Meat and Cheese Hammer

I cut up Summer Sausage and Mozz Cheese and stuck a pretzel in them!

Captain America's Cupcake Shield

I made mini cupcakes and topped each one with colored icing red-white-red-blue. Captain America would be proud!

So take some inspiration - pass it on - and throw your own Avengers party!

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