Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Jedi by Any Other Name - Week 31

This week baby Roo is the size of a Squash. This was also the first week I got a good visual of my baby boy (not an ultrasound)! He's currently head down and his feet have been up by my ribs. He decided the other day he wanted to push his little foot all the way through my belly and left a little bulge coming out my side. I laughed so hard I think he decided to move back to where he was.

I've been working really hard since my last OB visit to not gain much more weight. We made some significant changes to our diet, including cutting out more than half the carbs we eat on a daily basis. I was so proud of my efforts when my OB stated I had only gained 1 pound!! I still like my sweets and things but I eat a lot less than I used to and try to choose diabetic options to reduce the amount of calories I've been indulging in.

This week also marks the week we decided on a name. But don't ask us what it is - we're keeping it a secret until he joins us this side of the world! We've been test marketing several different names over the last six months and I think we've finally come to a combination that we both love and works well with our last name. I smile every time I talk to Roo and use his name... what a blessing it will be to have him in our lives!

As a side note, my father in law suggested we call him Jedediah, not only for the biblical reference but so that we could nick name him Jedi. The nerd in me almost couldn't resist! But then again - Roo might hold it against me the rest of his life.

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