Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not Much to Go On... - Week 30

Week 31 has been 100% uneventful...

The week was mostly full of restless nights, lots of baby movements, and no projects accomplished. I think right now I'm at the point where I'm just waiting for things to calm down before we move forward on our plans.

In two weeks I will be done with Tax Season and we will be traveling to Canada for Easter weekend. My brother is getting married so we are excited to be able to go! After our trip is done it's time to 'hit the books" and get in all our maternity classes before Baby Roo comes.

Then it will be all over - and he will be here!

One thing that did stand out to me this week was my intense desire to hold our son. I was driving home from Awana's after a particularly frustrating evening and pulled over into a Laundromat parking lot to just cry for a minute (this has become a more regular happening in my life now). The only thing that kept passing through my mind was how much I desired to cuddle with our baby... that day will come soon enough!

Side note; I think this might be why expectant mothers rub their belly's so often. It's not that baby is kicking or we are in pain, but rather we're imagining holding the young one in our arms one day soon.

I do have to give a kudos to my amazing husband Eric. He has really stepped up and helped with my emotional moments of late.

So here we are, in limbo, waiting for the busy season to be over so we can crack down and get things done for baby!

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