Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time to get your Knowledge on - Week 32

This past Saturday, we took our first of many prenatal classes at the hospital. This one was a little brutal as it was 8 hours straight of  labor and delivery information. The morning covered mostly the anatomy of labor and delivery, how the body functions under the stress to bring a child into the world. The afternoon covered pain medications, complications, and the Hospital's procedures for L&D.

For the most part I found this class to be helpful. There was a lot of information and I'm sure I didn't take it all in. I think the most helpful part of the entire class was knowing HOW The hospital does things.

I had a great fear that once Baby Roo arrived, they would take him away to wash and clean then put him in a nursery for our entire stay. Thankfully we learned that this is NOT the case.

The Hospital is a big advocate of Kangaroo Care. Once the baby is born they will hand him directly off to me. They also do delayed clamping and will allow Eric to cut the chord. We'll get to skin to skin with little Roo for an hour or more and start feeding him as soon as we can. They also delay washing the baby as the vernix coating on the baby helps him adapt easier to our world as well as make his immune system much stronger.

Knowing we can choose to never have the baby leave our side is a huge comfort to my poor little soul. The class was great to help settle some fears and unknowns for me.

This week also marks the end of Tax Season!! I am no longer employed and loving it. Tax season was great for a little extra income, but I am so happy that this part of the year is over.

And now we are on our way to Canada for my Brother's big wedding day!! I'll write more about all that next week.

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